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    Kevin GustafsonKevin Gustafson

    True craftsmen are born to create things with their hands, and the life of Kevin Gustafson demonstrates this. Kevin began creating and building through the typical childhood interests, like Legos, forts, and tree houses. Later, at age 15, he was hired by an expert cabinet-maker to help out in the shop. As with most teen jobs, Kevin’s initial responsibilities included such prestigious tasks as sweeping, stacking, and hauling. However, after a few years, Kevin was allowed to assist in building cabinetry. Through these early work experiences, Kevin learned much about design, construction, and building.

    During his college years, Kevin worked with a residential and commercial contractor. He learned about other facets of the construction industry, including building additions to existing structures and installing windows and doors.

    Kevin completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Biola University, and afterward he began working as an Account Executive, providing plumbing and irrigation products to contractors. After about three years of learning the industry and building relationships in construction, Kevin decided to move on to a different position, one that would enable him to broaden his skills and knowledge base.

    Soon, Kevin came to realize that he needed a greater outlet for his creative passion, and he wanted to help people make their homes work better for themselves and their family. He realized that he could make a living doing exactly what he loved: building things. Kevin started Teleo Builders LLC to reach these goals. His business plan for this venture is to provide excellent construction services that exceed clients’ expectations.

    Kevin’s family includes his wife, Alison, and his four children, Genevieve, Isaac, Nathanael, and Eleanor. The whole family enjoys traveling together, especially in Colorado. Kevin also likes using his skills to help other people. He sometimes travels internationally to places like South and Central America to help build structures for needy people there. He also participates in Habitat for Humanity projects to help give back to others. Kevin’s desire is to use his own talents and his business resources to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.